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Optical Services

  • On-SIte Full Service Finishing Optical Lab
  • Over 700 Frames in stock for you and your family!
  • Trained Opticians with 20+ years of experience and knowledge
  • Same Day Service on Prescription Glasses if available
  • Glasses for computer work, sun protection, and all the options you could want!
  • Optical Lab Staff that strives for outstanding quality and accuracy
  • Updated Preliminary Testing Equipment and handicap accessible exam lanes
  • Office Staff that provides excellent care & go above and beyond for all patients
  • Electronic Medical Records for accuracy
  • Able to do in house repairs for multiple frame issues

Optometric Services

  • BASIC EYE EXAM - This exam is for patients that only need glasses and do not have any medical conditions that effects their eyes. 
  • MEDICAL EYE EXAM - This exam if for patients that have a medical diagnosis (Example: Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Plaquenil Treatment, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, etc.) that affects the eyes. This exam involves an assessment of visual health, visual field testing, dilated exam, ancillary testing specific to the medical condition needs, referrals, and correspondence to attending physicians if necessary.
  • CONTACT LENS EXAM AND TRAINING - This exam includes the fitting of contacts, assessment of the lenses on the eye, a trial contact lens if available, and all insertion and removal training.
  • CONTACT LENS FITTING ONLY EXAM - For existing patients only. If within 60 days of the initial basic exam a patient decides they would like to try contacts, then they can schedule a fitting only. This involves the fitting and assessment of contacts on the patient's eye. It is the doctor's decision on whether they are eligible for the fitting fee only.
  • RED EYE EXAM - This exam involves an assessment of any emergency or sudden onset red eye emergency. The testing performed is specific to each case. The follow-up schedule is specific to the injury or infection. 
  • GLAUCOMA SCREENING AND TESTING - Unmanaged Glaucoma can result in complete blindness. Glaucoma testing involves assessing the overall health of the optic nerve, intra-ocular pressure testing, side vision testing with a visual field instrument, and assessing family history risk factors. If further test is needed, the patient is referred to an ophthalmology practice for additional work-up.
  • CATARACT CONSULTATION - This exam assesses how cataract development is affecting the patient's quality of life. This involves a comprehensive exam and history. If the cataract is significantly affecting the patient's vision, then the appropriate referral is made to an ophthalmologist for surgical consideration.
  • FOREIGN BODY REMOVAL - A foreign body involves a piece of debris becoming lodged superficially in the eye. The eye is assessed for the significance of the injury and then a determination of removal is decided. The follow-up schedule depends on the severity of the injury and the risk for complications.
  • And much more!